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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

amazing grace

by the grace of God. EncaustiKits is born!
He mercifully gave me vision, followed it with a heavy dose of perseverance, topped that with blinders to others' interpretations and laid it all in a solid dish of resolve. Thank you my God. It is all for you, from you and about you. Let me do you justice, shine your light and give credit only to you for the glory you've allowed me in this. All to you. And now, I jump in with both feet and arms spread wide!....
~blog ordering and full merchandise list coming soon; fully functioning website slated for end of year! go waxy! trish

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  1. Hi Trish! Not sure how you found me—but I saw that you are following me on Twitter and checked out your site. I was touched by this post! So wonderful that with God's help your dream is coming true! I felt the same way about my website that launched in November, and today I was feeling a bit discouraged because *sigh* I am not getting the traction I had hoped. But when I read your post I felt buoyed up and remembered Who led me here. Thanks for your grateful spirit and God bless as you start this beautiful endeavor!! BTW, I am a digital designer and haven't touched a paintbrush in years (except the kind for walls!) and this made me want to paint again. Thanks for bringing your gift to the world :) :)