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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's the difference between a small-business owner and an entrepeneur?

How would you answer?! I'd love to know your opinion....
Here are some from Entrpreneur Magazine, August 2010.
An entrepreneur is a creator and an innovator. A small-business owner may or may not be.
A small-business owner pulls up his shutters at 9am and calls it a day at 6pm. An entrepreneur is always open for business.
Small-business owners eat crab legs in their first year. Entrepreneur ramen noodles.
A small-business owner has already determined their potential; small. An entrepreneur has already determined the world is his oyster.
An entrepreneur takes a too-big bite then figures out how to chew it~
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  1. YOU are definitely in the entrepreneur category! No store-front needed, just going for it;) I manage several small businesses, but I see myself as an entrepreneur, as well....I just happen to be fortunate enough to work for someone who allows me the freedom to satisfy my entrepreneurial drive by allowing me to dream big and follow-through on those dreams. I believe the biggest difference between the two is: small business owners want security....it drives everything they do. Whereas, entrepreneurs are driven by their dreams and need to grow personally, and professionally....they will take risks to see their dreams come to fruition.

  2. With that definition, I am definitely in the entrepreneur catagory! Security?! What security?! :) Thanks Brenda~